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Who is the man behind the easel creating this watercolor art?

Ludlow Thorston is a self-described “truly American” watercolor artist. He specializes in a unique style of watercolor art known as aquarelle. His paintings mirror his own personality: sincere and direct, yet soft. Thorston resides in Island Heights, NJ, where his gallery is located. It is his location on the Jersey Shore that inspires his watercolor art. The timeless beauty of the New England coast is shown in Thorston’s compositions. His calming, visually stunning aquarelles will leave you speechless as you gaze at the richness and beauty of each brush stroke.


Ludlow Thorston graduated from Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, received his BA and MA from New York University, and continued studies at Seton Hall University. He has served as a member of several art organizations and as president of the New Jersey Watercolor Society and Essex Watercolor Club. In 1979, he established the Ludlow Thorston Gallery. Since that time, Thorston has continued to create aquarelle watercolor art for collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.


Together, Thorston and his wife, Nell, enjoy welcoming visitors and collectors to their intimate gallery where all of his original watercolors are displayed. 


Why watercolor art?

Watercolor art, and specifically aquarelles, are a very precise and difficult painting technique. But, if these techniques can be mastered, the artist can communicate things that only your heart can understand. Ludlow Thorston’s aquarelle watercolor art does just that.


Over decades, Thorston has truly become a master of his craft. A seasoned aquarelle artist can manipulate colors, opacity, and lines to meld the concrete and the abstract to create one-of-a-kind pieces of watercolor art.


Here at the Ludlow Thorston Gallery, we believe the aquarelle method captures the essence of the New England coast: the ships on the sea, the crashing waves, the looming gulls. If this sounds like magic to you, you aren’t alone. We would love to see a Thorston piece in your home. Order now, or come for a visit.


What makes Ludlow Thorston’s watercolor art gallery stand out?

Thorston is one of the few master watercolor artists in the region utilizing the aquarelle technique. In the aquarelle style, the colors and lines fade in and out, playing tricks on the admirer’s eyes. Thorston’s pieces combine realistic images with a kind of abstract visual effect that keeps you engaged as you pour over the watercolor art, taking in every detail.


Thorston’s art is unique in that it transports the viewer. Whether you’re a local to the Jersey Shore, or have fond memories of your vacations as a child, you know what it means to walk along the beach to the crash of the waves, to skip stones in Barnegat Bay, and to watch the boats wander out of the Manasquan Inlet. No matter where life takes you, the moment you return to the Shore and hear the sound of your feet on the boardwalk, it brings you back to some of the best times in your life. A Ludlow Thorston painting will take you there.


To give someone the gift of a memory is a beautiful thing. When you visit our online store or our gallery here in Island Heights, you have the chance to present a parent, grandparent, or spouse with a piece of work that will remind them of beautiful times on the coast. Order now or come for a visit. Thorston himself can help you pick out the perfect painting for your loved one.


What is the setting for Thorston’s watercolor art?

Ludlow Thorston gets his inspiration from the gorgeous New England Coast and the day-to-day life lived there. His watercolor art will transport you to a simpler time as you get lost in his soft slates, oceanic teals, and rich browns. You can hear the crash of ocean waves against the dock and smell the salty air every time you get lost in a Thorston original work.


Where is your watercolor art gallery located?

The Ludlow Thorston Gallery is located in beautiful Island Heights, NJ. Island Heights is a charming, quaint town that is home to stunning natural beauty. Over the years, Thorston has been able to share his work with both tourists and locals alike as he draws inspiration from this charming town and the rest of the beautiful Jersey Shore.


How can I purchase from Ludlow Thorston’s watercolor art gallery?

We would love for everyone to experience the beauty of a Ludlow Thorston aquarelle watercolor. All of his originals and prints are available at the Ludlow Thorston Gallery here in Island Heights. We would love to see you in person at the gallery to show you around. But we also offer select prints online if you can’t make it to the Shore.


Can I schedule an appointment to view work at your watercolor art gallery?

Yes! The Thorstons love sharing Ludlow’s art with the world. There is something especially wonderful about getting to view the art through the eyes of its creator. The Ludlow Thorston Gallery provides you that opportunity and is glad to facilitate your love of Thorston’s watercolor art.  


Do you personalize your watercolor art?

There is nothing quite as meaningful or thoughtful as a personalized piece of beautiful art. Thorston has now created a special print to celebrate an engagement, wedding or anniversary that serves as the perfect gift for your spouse, your friends, or even yourself. Our image of newlyweds embracing on a dock over the ocean communicates a determined, long-lasting love that words can’t quite capture. Now this piece can be customized with the names of the special couple along with their wedding date. To view this piece, visit our online gallery where you can place your order today.